When everything feels uncertain and life as we know it can change so quickly, a regular yoga practice can provide you with your own safety net.….

Yoga not only offers physical benefits, but can help boost mental well-being. It offers a great self-care package : movement, mindfulness, breathing and relaxation techniques using the ancient wisdom and modern science of yoga.

Yoga has proven to help release tension, teaches you to control your breath, lower cortisol levels which in return helps you boost your mood plus those feel – good hormones released when you exercise. It teaches self-awareness and self acceptance, which is especially important when someone is dealing with physical or mental health problems, and feel detached from the body.

All yoga styles offer therapeutic benefits, the difference in a specific therapeutic yoga class is not necessarily in the yoga poses but in the intention and intensity of the practice, and the more individual application of yogic practices and teachings.

Practicing with mindfulness means practicing with a relaxed focus and attention on the breath, the sensations in the body, finding the balance between effort and ease, finding a comfortable place, that allows us to stay in the present moment.

For me my practice is a moving meditation that helps me cultivate presence by demanding all my attention and focus. 

On a yoga class for mental health, we bring the focus on how the movement feel, how it connects with the breath, and experiencing being in control ( which is incredibly important as trauma comes from loosing control ), and with thoughtful sequencing release the tension that we tend to hold in the body. Here everything is an invitation, using trauma sensitive language and approach. The yoga mat becomes a safe playground, where you can learn again to trust your body and be kind to yourself. Finding the balance between effort and ease – this is where magic happens and new patterns learned, while the chronic stress patterns relieved. 

You can expect to leave the studio feeling more grounded and at ease and sleep better.

Working with many pregnant and new mums, I find their mental health has been affected by far the most during this pandemic. The most important and transformational time in a woman’s life is bringing her baby to the world, whether if it is her first or fifth baby. There are SO much uncertainties around for birthing folks – the hospitals ‘ in-person childbirth classes and most mothers groups are all cancelled in person and moving online. Women needs more support and a safe place to connect and look after their mental health.

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