Music has a deep connection to our feelings. Magical things can happen in the brain while listening to music. Your favourite song can bring you to smile, or cry. It can uplift your mood, or help you to relax. The sound of moving water is one of the most soothing sound for the nervous system. Because this is the very first sound we begin to hear in utero alongside with our mother’s heartbeat. Hence ujjayi breath ( breathing with the sound during yoga asana ) practice is so powerful. 

Our 5 senses are sight, taste, touch, smell and sound – they make up our own unique reality.

And sound has amazing healing possibilities.

It is a unique ability to humans to feel the beat. Our heart beat gives a rhythm to our every day life. The heart beats average 60-80 BPM ( beat per minute ). When you are listening to a music with a faster rhythm, it has an energising affect. When you are listening to slower music, it helps you to relax.

We also experience the frequency of music. Upon hearing two tones of different frequencies sent simultaneously to the left and right ears via the headphones the brain perceives a third tone based on the difference between the two frequencies. This called the binaural beats, that can synchronise our brainwaves. 

Get your headphones on and listen to Miracle Tones from Binaural Beats MT.

Sound bath or sound healing is an ancient form of therapy. 

Throughout the world’s history music always played an important part of every culture. Gongs have been used for healing since 4000 B.C. Tibetan singing bawls have been used at least since the 12th century. We know that in Ancient Greece they used sound therapy to heal mental disorders. Research proves that music helps us learns, or re-learn things as well. 

Salfeggio frequencies are 9 specific sound patterns that has been used from centuries to stimulate the brain. 

What is Sound Bath

Sound bath uses sound vibrations and different frequencies to support your physical and mental wellbeing.

Your body is made up of about 60 – 70% water, the brain is around 70% water, and the lungs are almost 90% water. It is fascinating when you think about it.

Water is the perfect conductor for sound vibration. 

Malbert Lee, a Hong Kong based crystal bowl and gong master, says “when vibrations travel  through the body they promote circulation, energy flow and rejuvenation. The frequency of the sound synchronises with the brainwaves and activate the relaxation responses in the body.”

During a sound bath session your brain can reach the Alpha state, the same state of meditation or deep sleep. “ According to  neuroscientists the effect of decreasing the brain rhythm from Beta ( our everyday frequency ) to Alpha via deep relaxation techniques, sound therapy and the use of binaural neural beats and entrainmeant changes the levels of certain beneficial brain chemicals” ( Mind Like Water ). 

Each sound bath is different, but they all work with you directing your relaxed focus and intentional listening to the different musical instruments. 

Gongs, didgeridoo, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, flutes, hand pans, tuning forks might be used during the session. Sometimes a sound bath might team up with a restorative or a yin yoga practice ( that sounds delicious, right? )

Studies shows that sound healing can 

  • Increase the release of beta-endorphins and dopamine. These naturally occurring chemicals are linked to the feeling of concentration, mental clarity and facilitating  creativity and learning of new things and creating new habits.

  • Increasing the release of melatonin, that will allow us to sleep better.
  • Reduce anxiety and lower stress levels while increasing relaxation responses. 

  • Help with pain management 

My very favourite instrument is a hang drum and I also own one myself. It is by far my most treasured possession. I am currently learning to play it. I’ll let you know how I go. I am not ready to share my music just yet 🙂 But I love listening to Hang Massive, and even had a chance to watch them play life in Perth and in Budapest. 

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