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We invite you to experience your new yoga and wellness destination.

Locally owned yoga studio and local teachers, stunning location on the Mandurah Foreshore, overlooking the park and water. Come and experience the stunning sunset during our evening classes.

We offer teacher-led Yoga Classes, private yoga classes, Childbirth Education, Doula Support, and Massage Therapy. We welcome all clients, might be new to yoga or an advanced practitioner, and can’t wait to help you find the perfect class for you.

Our team of experienced and dedicated teachers are here to guide, inspire, support and drive your wellness goals, all in a modern yet relaxing, judgement and distraction-free environment.

Our success is driven by our practical understanding of yoga and wellness and the desire to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of our clients.

We aim to assist our clients regardless of what they hope to achieve on their yoga journey; improve general health and fitness, connection with mind and body, flexibility, relief from chronic pain or discomfort, stress relief, prepare for pregnancy and childbirth, or bonding with newborn and find support during postpartum.

Move, breathe and connect with the team at Coastal Bliss Yoga, and you will experience the multitude of benefits that yoga has to offer.

Please scroll through our website for more info or reach out to us via email or our social media platforms.

Yoga Classes

The benefits of yoga may include improved flexibility, strength, circulation, and increased feeling of calm and wellbeing.

Doula Support

We will be there during your labour to support you and your birth partner, so you can have an active and empowering experience

Childbirth Education

Lamaze Childbirth Education Class helps prepare the expectant and her partner an active and empowered birth experience

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the oldest medical practice It is proven to relax the body, mind, and several conditions that are physical, chemical, or emotional