Easter -
The symbols of new beginnings and rebirth & the origins of the Easter eggs & bunny

Spring is that magical time of the year when nature is coming back to life after the winter  – a new cycle of rebirth and new beginnings. It has been celebrated in many cultures for thousands of years.

Easter traditions are tied closely with spring celebrations, fertility and rebirth.

Egg has been a symbol of fertility and new life long before Jesus Christ. Many ancient cultures used eggs in religious rituals. 

The tradition of the Easter bunny also evolved from ancient times. 

The pagan festival of Eostre or Ostara celebrated the goddess of fertility and spring. Her animal symbol was a hare – symbol of fertility due to its reproduction. The hare transformed from a bird to guide the goddess safely even amongst the frozen climate. This hare, once a year at Easter, to honour her former existence as a bird, lays colourful eggs – symbolising the awakening of the earth and renewing of life. 

Spring fasting

Looking back in history the spring time meant fasting. Born out necessity and evolved as a spiritual practice in Christian and in Pagan traditions. 
Being in harmony with nature’s cycle of regeneration and new growth makes it the perfect time to refresh the body’s systems by detoxing and cleansing. 



Different countries and cultures have different celebrations at Spring and Easter time, with many of these traditions started long before Christ, but some are intertwined with Christian Easter celebrations while others remained in their original traditions.

In Hungary on Easter Monday the girls wear pretty clothes and prepare painted eggs and baked goods for the boys, who come and sprinkle the girls with water. In old days they would throw a bucket of water on the girls, or throw them into water. Today the boys prepare a open and use perfume, and often receive chocolate in return.

In Poland people try to drench one another in water. It is said that the girls who goat soaked on Wet Monday will marry within the year.

In a centuries old folk ritual in Finland and Sweden young children dress up as Easter Witches to scare away the evil spirits. 

In Bermuda they are flying kites on Good Friday.

In Northern India they celebrate Holi, the festival of spring, colours and love.


You probably heard of the Songkran Water Festival in Thailand.

In Germany they light bonfires on Holy Saturday.

In Scotland egg rolling is a traditional game played with eggs at Easter.


I each year love a spring time cleanse and to allow myself the opportunity to renew. Being in Australia Easter time falls for Autumn, and it is for us a little game of chocolate egg hunt fun. 


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