Childbirth Education

Want to be fully prepared and confident to welcome you little bundle of joy earth side?

Join Kati and learn all the important information and hands on tools for a positive and empowered birth experience whatever turn your labour takes.


Part 1 – Last trimester of pregnancy – prepare the body for labor and delivery

✨Common pregnancy discomforts and how to cope with them

✨When normal becomes not in late pregnancy

✨How hormones play a role in late pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period

✨What the role of pain and discomfort are

✨Learn prenatal massage to help aid the normal swelling that can occur during pregnancy

✨Prenatal massage for relaxation, bonding and getting those oxytocin and serotonin flowing

✨Yoga poses for pubic bone discomfort 

✨Understanding fetal positions

✨Yoga poses, exercises with fit ball and using the rebozo to aid optimal fetal positioning and preparing the body for labor and birth

✨Essential oils during pregnancy

✨Optimal Positioning 

✨Affirmations, visualisations 

✨Prenatal interventions: Discuss possible prenatal interventions  

✨Self-Advocacy Skills : Essential to avoiding unnecessary interventions and being an informed patient

✨Education on communicating with your health care provider

✨Negotiation skills

✨Your rights as a birthing mother (including your right to refuse interventions)

✨What it means to give an informed consent or refusal for a medical procedure or intervention


Part 2 : Labour and birth

✨Stages of Labor

✨How to identify the various stages of labor and support the labouring mama accordingly

✨How a support person can best help the labouring mama through the different stages

✨The importance of movement during labor 

✨How the baby moves through the birth canal during labor

✨Why labor pain is useful 

✨Active, resting, and asymmetrical labor positions

✨Using Rebozo, 

✨Birth Ball / Fit ball poses, 

✨Peanut ball

✨How to work with obstacles, such as fetal monitoring 

✨How to support a labouring mama when using epidural

✨Pain management vs pain relief during labor

✨Coping techniques


✨Visualisation techniques 

✨Breathing techniques 


✨TENS machine


✨Birth and 3rd stage

✨Birth positions

✨Cord clamping

✨Birthing of the placenta

✨The golden hour



✨Discussion on necessary vs routine interventions.
Possible risks and benefits.
✨Induction methods:
✨Labor Augmentation 
✨Medical Pain management
✨Fetal monitoring
✨Vacuum assisted delivery
✨Forceps assisted delivery
✨C-section delivery
2022 / 2023 sessions
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