“Yoga is not for the flexible, it is for the willing”

Over the years I have heard from so many people that they would like to try yoga for different reasons – to relief back pain and every-day stress, or looking for a group practice with a more holistic approach. 

But they avoid stepping on the mat, worrying they are not flexible enough, don’t have enough time, they can’t do relaxation/medication – their mind always racing, or worried of yoga being too woo-woo and not getting enough physical exercise out of it. 

Please let me break the bias here – you don’t have to have special qualities to do yoga, you just have to step on your mat. It isn’t about how a pose looks – but how it feels for you. Depending on your goal – there are different classes available to support that. The main difference isn’t in the yoga poses itself, but intention and the intensity of the class. 

If you looking for an intense class that get your blood pumping from your toes to your fingertips, you might enjoy a Vinyasa flow class. If you are looking for a more gentle floor based practice that helps you get out of your head and into your body, a Yin or a Restorative class might be the one for you. If you are experiencing chronic pain, living with a chronic condition, cancer, or you are facing mental health issues – there are specific therapeutic yoga classes / yoga therapy classes to support you in your journey incorporating the ancient wisdom and modern science of yoga.

You can also find specialised classes that adopts yoga practice for pregnancy and the postpartum period that you can practice with your baby. 

And no, not all yoga classes woo-woo at all. Yes, I have been in some classes that would very well fit that category, but most yoga classes built on evidence based science built on the thousands of years wisdom of yoga and mindfulness practices.

Meditation / relaxation – it doesn’t have to mean that you are sitting in a lotus pose for hours in bliss. It might mean a mindful moment where you drawing your awareness to your breath, noticing your belly moving in and out, feeling the sensations inside the nostrils when you inhale, noticing the sound of your breath and noticing your heart beat.

Or it might be loosing yourself in your practice – flowing with the movement with the rhythm of the breath, focusing on the alignment of the body and the gaze (dristhi ) of the eyes. Allowing yourself to step into the present moment. Letting go of the future and forget the past for an hour, or even just for a few moments.

This moving meditation, mindfulness not limited to the yoga mat, for you it might happen while your are surfing, walking barefoot on sand or on grass, rock climbing, playing music…. There are many ways to practice yoga and mindfulness off the mat. Yoga IS NOT LIMITED to your yoga mat.

Being a Yogi is a way of life.

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